Tennessee grown and processed high quality, full spectrum CBD products.

We process our plant fiber using a method called “whole-plant ethanol extraction.” Ethanol extraction is a multi-step process that alternates between winterizing and filtration of our juice using ethanol as a solvent. We begin by soaking our plant matter in an ethanol bath. This first step is absolutely crucial in producing the highest quality final product as possible. The alcohol bath and soaking process strips the plant matter of all essential compounds—compounds like terpenes, flavonoids, polyphenols, lipids and fatty acids. Most importantly, the ethanol strips the hemp fiber of all cannabinoids that are present from the time of cultivation all the way to when the plant material reaches our lab. Whole-plant extraction means that we are producing full-spectrum oil. This means that every ounce of the plant matter is being utilized to produce our final product—stems, flower and leaves. The hemp plant contains varying levels of cannabinoids in different parts of the plant. Most cannabinoids generally are located in the plant’s flowers. However, stems are also abundant in CBN, CBD and THC. We believe it is imperative in the healing process to flood your body with as many cannabinoids as possible because each cannabinoid assists in regulating certain aspects of our functionality (Figure 1).

Once we’ve stripped the plant material of any cannabinoids, then we begin the process of distilling the alcohol mixture. We alternate between filtering the liquid and distilling it until we’re left with a gorgeous Maple syrup colored juice. In addition to using 20µ, 8µ, and 1µ filters to cleanse the juice, we also run the liquid through a carbon scrub. This essential step in our process removes any pesticides, carcinogens or contaminants that might have impregnated the liquid at any point in our extraction. Once our juice is completely free of any contaminants, we begin the process of “cooking down.” This is the most important step in our extraction. We heat the liquid up just enough to evaporate any remaining alcohol, without compromising the cannabinoids present.  The crude oil that is produced through this process can be shown below in Figure 2. It is extremely viscous and ow so yummy.

Each extraction is 3rd party lab tested by a facility in Spokane, WA called Trace Analytics. All Certificates of Analysis are available for your viewing pleasure! We encourage all customers to check out our numbers and ask questions as they come up. Transparency is essential at our company and we pride ourselves in being as open and honest with you guys as possible. Feel free to ask any and all questions that you may have regarding our process and our products!

Figure 1: This diagram displays which cannabinoids will help directly with what ailment

Figure 2: Displayed above is our final product. This is what we call “crude oil,” as it is the purest form of our extraction—unrefined and un-diluted.

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