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What led us to this mission of ours…

In July of 2007, my wife, Mary Anne and the mother of our two children, was diagnosed with an all too common disease. Her options were extreme and narrow in their focus. Her 7-year long fight ended when Mary Anne passed away on September 1, 2014. Without her, I have floundered and railed at fate.

That smile, those crinkly eyes, the lines on her face that could only be etched from years of laughing. These things, and so much more, encapsulated Mary Anne. We were forever changed the day her laughter stopped. Her disease and worst of all, the “therapies” used to treat it, consumed her. She was 54 years old.

We formed MACRuDan Organics because of her. Our company was established in the hopes that we can provide comfort, love and support to individuals and families during times of hardship. No matter what challenges individuals might face, no person should face them alone or without a sense of control. We have found that the most defeating aspect of healing oneself is the overwhelming feeling that you have completely lost control of your own fate. We are here to tell you that you have options and that you are not alone.

In Japanese culture, 1000 hand-folded origami cranes represent one wish. Shortly after her diagnosis, Mary Anne received from a very good friend 1000 cranes. We will forever wonder what she used that wish for. With every purchase from our company, you will receive a hand-folded crane in the hopes that you might find comfort and love; the same comfort and love that it brought our Mary Anne. Please join with us in our mission for a more loving and wish-filled world.

The Members of MACRuDan Organics

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